Vital Instagram Stats for Marketers

Instagram provides a comprehensive powerhouse among other social platforms. Before you can go ahead and create an account to start selling on Instagram, you need to understand some stats. These stats have changed over the years, but their purpose stays the same – to give you facts to use when making decisions.

800 Million Users and Counting

The latest statistics show that Instagram attracts more than 800 million active users each month, a number that is rising day by day. This number is more than twice the active users on Twitter and thrice the active users on Facebook and Whatsapp.

This large number is attributed to the ease of use of the platform and the ability to deliver the results you look for.

Hashtags Still Remain Highly Relevant

Can you imagine marketing on Instagram without hashtags? Not only do these tags help Instagram users to categorize and organize their content, but also help you run a campaign. Hashtags continue to gain more relevance because they help marketers promote their content on Instagram.

Stats: an Instagram post with a relevant hashtag receives more than 12 percent more engagement than posts without. Although you can use up to 30 hashtags in each post, the magic number is 11.

71 Percent of Top Brands are on Instagram

Top brands are on Instagram and are making it work for them. If these top brands can trust the platform to enhance their marketing experience, then it speaks volumes regarding the ability of the platform to build your brand. This percentage is more than double what the number was in 2015!

The increase in the number of brands that use Instagram is attributed to the launch of Instagram Business Profiles, which allow you to change your business profile so that you can make use of analytics, ads and post your contact information.

An Instagram business profile gives you the ability to add contact information which isn’t available for personal accounts. With such a profile, you can add the address of your business as well as its phone number the information elicit some kind of response from users, with 80 percent admitting to following a business on the platform, while others have managed to send emails or make calls.

Targeted Hashtags get 80 Percent More Engagement

Instagram has worked hard on its geo-tagging feature for some time. It is, therefore, no surprise that posts that use a location tag get 80 percent more views, likes and comments than those without a location tag.

With the location tag in place, you need to get more likes to build the brand. You can use an auto liker software for Instagram for this purpose.

In Conclusion

It takes more than just regular posting to make Instagram work for you – it is also about knowing when to post and how to post. The decision to do all this is all about taking time to understand important facts about Instagram. Once you understand these facts, you know how to leverage the platform much better for your business.