Reasons Why Straight Hair Is Good for You

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If you have flaunted curly or wavy hair most of your life, have you considered breaking free and go straight this time around? Maybe it is time you recognize the need for a change – and for the better. After all, straight hair is good for you!

Below, you will learn about the benefits of straight hair.

Straight Hair Is Healthy Hair

Firstly, straight hair is good for you since it paints a picture of healthy hair. Compared to wavy or curly hair, straight hair may be less bouncy and less voluminous, which could also indicate it is less healthy. However, despite the lack of bounciness and volume, straight hair can also look healthy because it can show the shiny parts of your hair. Whereas wavy or curly hair can keep these parts hidden.

Additionally, not only does it give your hair a shiny touch; straightening your hair also makes it look tidy. As opposed to curling, braiding, and twisting it, straightening your hair is the better option because it allows your hair to stay put.

Especially if you have a particular reputation (with regard to organizational skills) to uphold, you should consider straight hair. It increases your chances of looking authoritative and respectable. Nobody likes to hang out with someone whose hair is usually a mess, right?

Relatively Fast Results

Another benefit of straight hair is that it is accomplishable fast. Compared to curling your hair, for one, you will not need hours of styling to get an iconic look with straight hair. Sometimes all you need to do is use a high-quality straightening brush, blow-dry for a few minutes, and voila, you are good to go!

Moreover, you will be spending relatively less time getting a charming result if you choose a straight style. Neither would you need to commit loads of effort nor would you need to spend money on different hair products.

In fact, using hair products will only create an undesirable result. Hair spray, for example, will only make straight hair unmovable – as if it is frozen. Especially if you are not the type of person who invests more than an hour on daily hair regimes, going with a straight look is advisable — given, of course, you have easily tamable hair.

Dazzling with the Latest Trends

You can also look dazzling with the latest hair trends if you go with straight hair.

For example, you will look wonderful with a stonewashed look if you have straight hair, which is one of the latest hair trends. On the other hand, with curly or wavy hair, frizzy hair, or any type that will make your hair appear less smooth, you may not look nearly as good with a stonewashed look. Moreover, your hair can only look dry, lifeless, and as if it is in need of a makeover.

Wearing Colors Is Better

Additionally, if you are into adding many colors to your hair, you will benefit from these colors better with straight hair. Styling hair straight will make you appreciate hair color jobs. Straight hair will make the addition of colors appear natural and tonal, whereas wavy or curly hair can only conceal these colors.

Usually, when hair is straight, colors seem to jump out, which will add a glossy feel to your hair. This is the goal when you get a hair color job, after all. Straight hair with colors will also appear smoother.

Rock Precision Cuts & Almost all Cuts

Lastly, straight hair is good for you if you are a fan of precision cuts (e.g. blunt ends, slashes, streamlined bobs). With hair that adheres to the rules of precision cuts, you can show the layers and fine edges of your cut. Thus, to beguile others with your haircut, straightening your hair will be of help.

Additionally, straight hair usually appears great regardless of a particular cut. If you have short hair, styling it straight makes you look well-groomed and sophisticated, and this effect extends to longer lengths. Hair clips, bobby pins, and barrettes are unnecessary if you have straight hair. With it, you can part your hair easily, too.