Reasons to Shave Your Beard

Listen up all men in the world, is it time for you to trim your beard? Better yet, is it time for you to completely eliminate it all together? While there is probably a number of you who are stuck in your stubborn ways and refuse to acknowledge it, it may be time. If you are curious, there are some excellent benefits that come with shaving your beard. To try and convince those of you who think this is insane, take a look.

Make Your Woman Happy

OK, so it’s fair to say that this advantage is completely subjective. Not all women are the same and some of them will love the facial hair that you have. However, it’s best to be up front with your significant other and ask them their opinion. If they tell you that they would prefer it if you shaved it off, then that should be all that’s needed to convince you. After all, there is nothing worse in the world than having the women you love resentful to touch you!

Save you Precious Time

The first point was completely subjective, but this advantage would be for everyone that decides to shave their beard. There is a really important question you need to ask yourself. How many hours of your life have been wasted away by maintaining your beard? When you really start to think about it, taking care of a beard is a lengthy process. In one sitting, you can wash your beard, condition it, comb it, trim it, and blow-dry it. This doesn’t include the time it takes to find and put away all of those supplies. How about this? Write down all of the activities you go through with your beard in a week (while giving an estimated time for each thing). After one week, tally up the time you spent with it. Then, imagine what else you could be doing with all that time!

Rid the Annoyance of Wasted Food

Much like the first one, this can be a bit subjective. If your beard is not excessively long or thick, you may not have the problem of food getting stuck in your beard. However, those who do have a beard Santa Claus would be proud of sometimes have this annoyance occur. It gets really bad if you like to eat runny foods (soups, chili, etc.), as they can make your beard wet and gross. Even if it’s not runny foods, though, simple foods can end up in your beard if you are not careful enough. Why even have to worry about this? Just shave your beard and you never have to worry about wearing your food again.

Make you Appear More Professional

If you are in a workplace with great authority, chances are you have already been required to shave your beard. However, if you have a standard Joe job (especially anything that relates to customer service) then you may want to look more professional. Whether it’s fair or not, a well-shaven man looks more professional than one with a scruffy beard. Also, if you do have a job you don’t like and are looking to move up in the world, for any interviews in the future you are going to want a clean shave. Professionalism is a key factor in improving your current state of employment, so it seems like a no-brainer to shave your beard. On the contrary, if you are completely satisfied with your job and they are perfectly fine with your beard, you don’t have to worry about this.

Make you Look Younger

This one has a huge dose of irony involved. Think about it, when you were young and in high school, didn’t you want to grow a beard so you could look older than you actually were? Whether this was for alcohol or older women to notice you, the thought probably crossed your mind more than once. Now, fast forward several years in the future and you are probably looking to obtain your youth again. If you fully shave your beard, you will look younger. It’s quite amazing how much younger someone looks without a beard.

Now that you know why you should shave your beard, the next step is knowing the best way to. The great news for you is at, you will find all of the necessary information you need. From what types of razors to use to the proper ways to shave, Manly Matters will tell you all you need to know.