Legitimate Ways to Grow your Instagram Following

Did anyone say Instagram? Yes. That’s the social media platform that everyone wants to be on these days. But let no one lie to you – making your mark on Instagram is easier said than done. Put differently you need to do more than post your cute photos to get real followers.

Still, you can do it if you use the right strategies. And, you don’t even have to use artificial automation software. These tips will get you sorted.

Growth Services

The name couldn’t be appropriate – these are companies that help you grow your presence of Instagram. Of course, you have to part with some money, which means that you should pick the services to work with carefully.

For starters, Instagram growth services aim to increase your level of engagement and by extension, attract you genuine followers.

But, not all companies will deliver what you want. Some are out to rip you off without a care in the world whether your account grows or not. On that note, visit Jonathon Spire to discover SocialSteeze, a top-rated growth service with proven ability to take your Instagram presence to the next level.

 Keep Off Banned Hashtags

Yes, hashtags are cool. They come in handy when you want to expose your brand. Even then, you can’t ignore the fact that Instagram is blocking and censoring hashtags actively. What does that mean? Well, it implies that you should be a little bit more cautious with your hashtags.

And, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to spot a banned hashtag. All you need to do is to search for it to see if it appears on the “recent” or “top” categories. Instagram shows a few items on the top posts and drops all recent posts for suspended or blocked hashtags.

Use the Location Sticker

There’s a new feature on Instagram that any you should take advantage of if you want to grow your audience – the location sticker. And, did you know that most Instagrammers research things such as hotels, restaurants, and destination based on location. In essence, this means that you Story will get more views if you target an audience from a particular area.

Use Less Popular Hashtags

Forget the hashtags that are on everyone’s lips for a moment. Instead, opt for specific hashtags that will create the most engagement within your industry. You can even use free tools to help you locate less popular hashtags. Target phrases with a search volume of less than 50,000 especially if you’re getting started.

The Bottom Line

Instagram can help market your brand in more than one ways. You need to get acquainted with the basics though. Most importantly, have a solid plan on what to do with the numbers once you have acquired them.

Keep in mind that there is no limit as to how many followers you should have on Instagram. Build a large community and keep it engaged. Don’t forget that the bigger your audience is, the easier to make your opinion count.