Interesting Facts About Diamonds And How To Choose A Seller

If you want to buy an engagement or wedding ring, a diamond is always a good choice because of its durability and shiny nature that attracts many people. Most people head to the nearest dealer to get a ready ring that fits their budget. It is also common with people who want other types of jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets. However, many people do not understand what they are about to buy which is sad because diamonds are not that cheap. The following are some cool facts on diamonds that will make your shopping experience better

You can buy loose diamonds

You can buy the stone as a loose diamond and then have it shaped to make your preferred jewelry. Diamonds are somehow expensive which means that you need something quality and match the price. When you buy a diamond mounted on a ring, it is hard for you to evaluate the quality of the diamond in it. The stone may have some cracks, deformities or other flaws and it will be hard for you to evaluate. It is also hard for you to see the defects on a mounted diamond as the light from the jewelry can hide them. There are times that the diamond will appear clearer or shinier that it is due to the setting.

Diamonds are commodities

If you are looking for somewhere that you can invest your idle money, then diamonds are one of the options. The prices are highly controlled based on the quality of the stone in question. You can even take your diamonds for safe custody in institutions such as banks. Buying your diamonds online from a wholesaler such as can be cheaper than the rest because such a vendor incurs little overhead costs. Take your time and evaluate what others have to offer before you settle on a seller.


You may not like the technical stuff about diamonds, but you need to know about clarity if you want to get the best. The clarity in simple terms refers to both the external and internal imperfections of the stone. The clarity of the stone will depend on factors such as color, type, and placement of the diamond. Sometimes it may be hard for you to evaluate the clarity as the setting may affect it. As already stated, the other metals on your ring may reflect some light on the diamond which will make it appear shinier. It may be hard for you to know the clarity scale on the diamond you want to buy, but with some help it becomes easy.

Shape differs

Diamonds are cut in different shapes depending on customers’ needs and the features that you want to display. The quality of the cut on the diamond determines its final price with those with fine cuts retailing at premium prices. Diamonds that are well-cut appear to be proportional, polished and symmetrical. Some of the most common shapes include heart, round, princess, oval and cushion. If you are looking for something that reflects light, then princess and round cuts are good options.

So, because you now know some facts about diamonds, it is fair that you understand how to pick the best seller

Online reviews

What do other people and past customers have to say about this seller? You need assurance that you will get quality diamonds that fit the price that you pay. Look for their reviews in various places such as their website, social media profiles and expert sites. You can always differentiate between fabricated reviews from genuine ones. Check on the language on the reviews, and so much formality may indicate fabrication. Check what the customers have to say about delivery timelines if you want to order online. You can also check if there is a return policy if you are not satisfied with what is delivered to you. It is also wise to shoot a message if you have any doubts.

Product variety

Some sellers sell ready-made diamond jewelry; others customize them to your needs while others will sell loose diamonds. The choice will depend on your needs and the occasion. With loose diamonds, you can get a pair of rings for you and your partner from the same cut. It is also possible to get the same when you request for customized rings. A good vendor should have a good collection with many designs that you can choose from and get something personalized. It is also wise to check the experience of the members of staff.

Understanding the above facts about diamonds will make it easier to make a purchase that fits the occasion. Take your time and learn what you are about to buy because diamonds are not something that you buy daily. You can even have a friend or an expert help you in this search and get only the best quality.