Instagram Marketing for the Time Conscious

As a business owner, social media platforms and Instagram, in particular, are ideal for marketing. Major brands to include Nike, Adidas, Gucci and definitely your favorite film and pop idols use Instagram to engage with their followers. If some of the biggest names are taking advantage of the outreach of social media, why shouldn’t you?

Getting your foot in the door

A popular misconception is that one must be famous, within the circle of one who is famous or at a minimum able to reach “influencers” to gain a major following on Instagram. This is absolutely false. While one can absolutely take pride in putting in the time and effort needed to begin to build a following. Aiming for a chance to reach someone else to put you in the spotlight is relying on luck.

Rather than doing the above, I’d suggest checking out Fred Harrington’s blog, which reviews the best instagram bots on the market today. Bots allow you to play the numbers and will do the majority of the work for you. This saves you time and effort, both of which you can put into the customization of your profile. Your time is better spent crafting how your brand is presented and finding quality images than scouring the search feature for content to like and hoping for a response.

Brand building on the ‘Gram

The basic idea is that you want your profile to be a self-contained brand experience. Your content should deliver the “feel” of your brand. What your product is isn’t as important as the service you provide or the lifestyle available to your consumers. Think of a basic theme for your profile. Be simple and keep it consistent. When considering a profile image, your company logo will suffice, but keep in mind the theme of your other social media or business website. Note – use the bio link option to link back to your primary website. This space is invaluable as there are no other options for direct linking on the entire platform.

With Instagram being an image based platform it can’t be understated that your content is high quality. If you aren’t very skilled behind a camera it’s a sound idea to hire a photographer and editor to make sure your content is up to standard. With this in mind, captions are also important as they’re what resonates with your followers so be sure not to waste the opportunity to communicate your message. Finally, hashtags are the simplest way to increase your reach. They pool your images with others that share the tag. Use these to spread your visibility and meet others in your industry.

If you really connect with the people you meet it’s never a bad idea to collaborate with them bringing in the next part – tagging. Say Toronto audio equipment partners with an up-and-coming performance artist, both can upload content and tag the other allowing their respective followings to view the other. This is invaluable as Instagram is very much a something for something environment.

For the most part, that’s all there is to it

Assuming you are famous, you probably haven’t made it this far. For the rest of us, the above is really all you need. It’s as simple as being creative in your theme and captions, curating high-quality content, linking back to your website, intelligently using hashtags and allowing a bot to do the bulk of the menial task. Meeting people, tagging and utilizing stories all come organically. That’s the fun part. Enjoy the ride.