How to Save on Sports Equipment

A smart shopper would want to save a dollar or two on whatever it is they are buying. Come to think of it, why would you pay more for your sports equipment while you can get them at a reduced price?

The problem is not very many shoppers are that suave after all. Some don’t know where to look for discounts, while others are aware of the discount opportunities but don’t know how to take full advantage.

If you’re the active type, you don’t have to pay a hefty price that comes with buying sports equipment. Here’s how to get started.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

See, you may not always know where to make some saving on sports equipment. However, you can opt to read reviews to give you an idea of where to start. Most independent online reviews will not only tell you how you can save some cash but also direct you where to buy.

Take Foosball Fanatic, for instance. This website provides in-depth reviews on foosball tables. On top of that, it tells you what makes each unit stand out and most importantly why it is worth your attention. The ripple effect, of course, is that you can make a better buying decision.

On that note, visit Foosball Fanatic to view a selection of the best foosball table. Be sure to check out the prices to see if you can save a buck or two.

Buy During the Times of the Year

You’re more likely to buy your sports equipment for less if you buy during offseason. During such times, retailers, be it online retailers or departmental stores often have the items in clearance once the prime season for that particular item is over.

For instance, the best time to buy football equipment is not when the season is about to kick off but rather when it’s well underway if not near the end.

Here what you need to remember:

Plan Ahead, Way Before the Season Starts

Be sure to anticipate which sports equipment you will need for the next season. That way you can always buy the stuff on clearance of before

Be on the lookout for special sales day mid-season particularly from online stores such as Amazon.  Take advantage of days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Amazon Prime to buy your sports equipment at a discounted price.

Perfect the Art of Second Hand Buying

You don’t have to buy all your sports kit brand new. You should be open to using second-hand equipment if you’re serious about saving money. That way, you can find what you at half price or even lower.

There are a couple of options you can choose when purchasing second-hand sports equipment.

Consider shopping for used gear at retailers such as Play It Again Sports. Here, you can be sure to find used sports equipment for relatively low prices. You can also sell kits you’re no longer using to add onto the money you have.

Social Media

Be sure to browse sites such as Facebook and Craigslist for deals on second-hand sports equipment. Check out classified groups to see what gear people may be selling.


At this online auction place, you can find cheap second-hand sports equipment for less. Just be the highest bidder, and the item is yours. Stick to your budget when bidding though.

Start Using Coupons

There is more to coupons than just buying groceries. All you have to do to find out if your favorite sports shop offers tickets is just asking. You may also follow the store on Facebook and Twitter or any other social media to see if they do offer specials or coupons.

Sunday circulars are also excellent sources for coupons. Consider visiting the coupon code site regularly to check if there’s a discount coupon for the particular sports equipment you want to buy. Apart from looking for tickets, other ways you can use to save money on sports equipment include:

  • Create a sports equipment swapping system in your area. You may also create a social media group to make the exchange more comfortable and convenient.
  • Take care of the equipment that is already in your possession so that it lasts longer.
  • Give up brands and go for what works for you instead. Brands are substantially expensive.

The Bottom Line

Sporting equipment can be costly. But, it doesn’t have to be that way if you develop frugal shopping habits. And, don’t be swayed to think that you will compromise quality if you go for affordable options. In essence, you’re trying to get a high-quality item at reasonable pricing.

It doesn’t hurt if you spend two or three days looking for deals to leave you with some pocket change. You can consider buying in bulk if doing so will help you make some savings.