How to Choose the Right Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives are something you probably don’t think much about. However, we all use knives in the kitchen and knives can make a difference to our cooking. They can speed up the time it takes you to prepare a meal, or they can slow it down. A good knife helps you in the kitchen, a bad knife hinders you.

If you are thinking about buying your first knife, or adding to the collection you already own, then take time to find the right knife. Until you start trying to buy a knife, you probably don’t realise how many different types of knife there actually are. The choice is quite astounding. So before you buy any knives, decide what it is you need. It is important that you do your research on a specialist site like Cut It Fine before you even think about buying a knife set.


There is obviously going to be a difference in quality between the cheapest knife and the most expensive. However, the quality of individual knives can vary within even a premier knife brand. You may find quality individual knives from a brand that is not a known name. So don’t be overly concerned with the brand names when looking for knives. Try and find knives of good quality that are in your price range.


Whether you are buying one knife or are stocking a new kitchen, you need to decide on your budget first. If you are buying more than one knife, you may decide it is more economical to buy a set of knives. It might be a good idea to mix and match knife sets and individual knives. You could find you buy a set of 12 knives and only ever use 2 of them. You then realise you would have been better buying 6 knives individually that you would actually use. You can often finds smaller sets of knives which may be a worthwhile purchase. If you can find a set of 3 knives that you are going to use, you can then buy other knives individually to make up your own collection.

Personal Preference

When you buy a knife, you are going to be the person who will be using it. The knife therefore needs to feel comfortable and you should be capable of using it safely. There are some personal preferences that you need to be aware of when buying knives.

  • Some people like heavy knives for their size and style. Others like light knives. You may have your own personal preference and so should be aware of this. If you prefer a lighter knife as you feel you can move it easily, you will not be happy with a heavier, more cumbersome knife.
  • Different knives have different tasks. However, for a general use knife size may be important. For general cutting tasks, you could use a 6 inch knife or a 10 inch knife. You need to be aware of the size of knife you prefer for general use. Quite often the size of your hands will be a factor. If you have very small hands you may not be as comfortable using a large knife constantly.
  • When buying a knife you want one that you feel comfortable holding for any length of time. So make sure that the handle feels comfortable in your hand.

Type of Knife

You need a different knife for a different tasks so you will need a variety of knives in your kitchen. Some you may use rarely, others you will use every day. Think about the sorts of cooking and eating you do before you buy any knives. If you never eat bread you are unlikely to need a bread knife. These are the common knifes that you will probably want to own.

  • Utility knife. General cutting and usually the first choice knife.
  • Chef’s knife. All-purpose knife.
  • Paring knife. Small knife generally used for vegetables.
  • Carving knife. Carve joints of meat.
  • Bread knife. Cuts loaves of bread.

You can see that buying a knife may not be a simple task. Ensure you spend time buying a quality knife that you like using before you part with any cash. If you buy a good knife that suits you, it will last you for many years.