Hot eBay Selling Tips

eBay still remains the world’s largest online marketplace where millions of buyers and sellers connect on daily basis. Selling on this platform can be a lot of fun and a profitable way to make some extra money or to run your own business. If you plan to use eBay to sell your items, you need to follow some guidelines in order to succeed.

Have Clear and Accurate Product Descriptions

You need to face it – no one can buy a product that you are selling if they don’t know what it is all about. The description should include the name of the product, model number, the condition of your item and any other relevant details that you see necessary.

You can also include a sales copy to entice the buyers to place an order, but don’t mislead your buyers because this can backfire on you. Remember, the more details you provide in the description the better, but it needs to be based on facts.

Have Images to Compliment Your Description

The image description cannot be complete without an image to show how the product looks like. Pictures communicate more than what plain text communicates, and the images are more relevant for buyers who cannot handle the product before they make a purchase. Make sure you take clear images of the products from different angles and add them to the description.

Clearly Show the Costs

Before you can post the item, you need to undertake a research to understand the process of acquiring the item, packaging it and delivering it across the globe. These processes are the ones that determine how much you set in terms of the price and the cost of shipping and tax. If the item requires insurance, then make sure you highlight this fact in the description to make everything clear.

One thing that buyers abhor is hidden costs. They need to know what they are going to pay right from the start, as opposed to getting slapped with costs when they checkout. When setting the price, make sure you include your profits, because you need to make some extra money to be able to run your business the right way.

Timing is Key

eBay works through auctions and direct sales. You need to know when the auctions start and end, and the times vary from one category to another. The timing also depends upon your target market. If you plan the auction to start and end when most of the people are sleeping, you get minimum bids on your products. If you are targeting the US, make sure you consider all the major time zones when timing your auctions.

Redirect Traffic to Your Sites

As a seller, you need to have a page about you and a blog. These two are amazing ways to provide more information to your bidders. These pages help you give more information to the bidders and redirect them to your landing page. The landing page can be a product page that gives your bidders other related products and options to consider.

The landing page should state the objective clearly – if you are selling services, and then give the bidder various options to choose from and the ability to place an order. If you sell products, show the amount in stock, the different options and a button for the buyer to click to purchase. You also need to provide different modes of payments for the buyer to make payment much more convenient.

To get the perfect landing page, you need to work with a professional web designer. However, this can be expensive and takes a lot of time. The option you have is to use an e-commerce web template from set up the landing page the right way.

Maintain Good Records

If you are operating your business on eBay, you need to monitor your finances as well as your reputation. You need to file your taxes every year, as well as keep a tab on your income and expenses.  Good records help you enjoy tax benefits.

In Closing

Make sure you set up your eBay shop the right way to attract a large number of buyers that look for products on eBay. Ensure proper timing to enjoy a higher traffic to the shop each day.