Get in Bed with Bread (Not Really)

We unanimously call the latest sensation “the best thing since sliced bread.” When sliced bread was first introduced to grocery store shelves, it was “the best thing since store-bought bread.” Western society revolves, to no small extent, around the things we like to eat – as well as the act of eating – and bread is an almost universal staple. Bread is to the west what rice, noodles, and cabbage are to the people of southeast Asia. There are thousands of different types, styles, and recipes for bread. There are breads which are meant to be consumed with a particular meal, or even as a dessert, or with a specific wine – not that we need any added encouragement there, right?

We’ve combed the internet (again, not literally) looking for the best bread maker reviews. We wouldn’t actually suggest taking any of the machines we’ve reviewed to bed with you; they’re not that comfortable (trust us). That said, there’s little that’s more enjoyable after a long day’s work than a satisfying, homemade loaf of bread. There’s a lot of information out there to digest about bread makers – much of it contradictory. Even where it’s straightforward enough, what good is a review of the top twenty-five best bread makers of 2015? Which ones are actually the best for you? What about bread makers that came out in 2014, or 2010? One of our staff members absolutely swears by a bread machine she bought in 1998; the thing still runs like an absolute dream! Bearing all that in mind, we’ve put together a list of what we feel are the top three best bread makers currently on the market today. Give it a gander, and let us know what you think!

Zojirushi BB-PAC20

Zojirushi is one of the world’s leading providers of home kitchen appliances. Their rice makers, bread makers, and other machines always catch high praise from multiple trending reviewers online. Several of the best bread maker reviews of recent months recommended this particular model highly, so we felt that it had to be listed. For those who are wondering, this is in fact a 2015 model. It produces fairly large loaves of bread, in the one and one-half to two-pound range. It is particularly noteworthy for its dual kneading blades (they come included) which help to ensure that your dough is fully kneaded before baking – ensuring the best quality taste and texture in the finished loaf. One of the other, more unusual features of the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 model is the crust heater built into its lid, which helps to ensure an even finish to your loaves. Like most modern bread machines, this model is more reliable than those from ten years ago, or even further back (despite our “don’t make’em like they used to” coworker’s opinion!) and it features multiple convenient settings for making a wide variety of different loaves.

Panasonic SD-BMT1000

We’re more used to hearing the name “Panasonic” associated with a range of other appliances. We’re also more accustomed to thinking about the T1000 as the killer robot from the second film in the Terminator franchise. Both of those considerations aside, three of the best bread machine reviews that we could find identified this as an absolute must-have kitchen appliance for anybody who’s serious about their bread baking, so we thought we’d give it a whirl. As of yet, we’ve not been disappointed! The SD-BMT1000 makes one-pound loaves of bread, which is slightly smaller than what you’ll find in your average supermarket – which makes this machine perfect for a single parent, or a young couple just getting started in their life together (because bread machines is what everybody’s thinking about then, right? Right!) It works well for larger families, however, due to its capacity for making specialized bread loaves. This little beauty can eaven whip up a marbled loaf! It’s exceptionally easy to clean, with convenient button-controlled modes and an easy to read LED display – again, perfect for people just getting started, perhaps just getting accustomed to their first kitchen (of t heir very own, that is).

Breville BBM800XL

As the “XL” in the name of this particular model from Breville might imply, this bread machine has a wide range of sizes. It offers the capacity to make loaves in sizes ranging from the slightly smaller-than-storebought one-pounders to the exceptionally large two and one-half pound loaves. This gives it not only a larger capacity than most bread machines, but also a much wider range; other machines that are capable of baking a two-pound loaf often can’t handle a single-pound loaf. That’s not all that Breville put into their latest model, however. Some of the best bread machine reviews pointed out the auto-dispenser tray built in; this machine can actually add and mix in fruits, nuts, and seeds, creating unique signature breads that look, smell, and taste as though they just came out of the oven of a professional baker. For all that it does, the BBM800XL is surprisingly easy to clean, user-friendly, and easy to store.