Finding the Right Self Storage Unit

Moving across states can be a stressful and tiresome occasion. You are traveling to a location and neighborhood that is new to you and one that you don’t know anything about. You need to find a way to blend in faster so that you can start your new life.

When you move to a new city, one of the issues that will stress you is storage space for your items. Once you land in the new area, you want a place where you can store your items temporarily as you look for the right kind of house to buy or to rent. Let us look at some of the factors you need to consider when looking for the perfect storage unit from – your self storage solution.

The Kind of Items You Need to Store

You choose the storage unit according to the kind of items you need to store because each requires a special storage environment. If you need to store valuable items, you need a storage unit that has enough security to keep your items safe. On the other hand, if you have breakable items, you need a storage unit that has enough space to prevent the items from hitting against each other and breaking.

The Size of the Items

When it comes to finding the right kind of storage unit for your items, you need to know what kind of space you need for the items. You can have several storage units for various items, but it is ideal if you know the space you need.

Bulky items will need more space. These include furniture, carpets, and other large items. You can store them individually to prevent damage or couple them with smaller items to maximize available space.

Remember you also need to leave enough space to help you navigate around the items to move them. Consider this when calculating on space.


The security of the storage units starts at the entrance. Right from the time you step into the office to book the unit and turn it into a productive office space, you need to consider how everything is handled. Make sure the company has put in place security measures that will safeguard your items in such a way that no one accesses them.

After the entrance, you need to consider the perimeter fence. This should be in such a way that no one can know what is going on within the premises and no one can access the units. Premises that have video surveillance and guards would make the security much better for your items.

Finally, you need to consider the security of the storage units themselves. They need t have security locks installed and give you the option of adding your own lock.


Moving across the state to a new neighborhood comes with various issues that you need to handle so that you can start living. Make sure you consider the items you plan to store, their sizes, the security of the premises and other factors to make sure your items are safe.