Finding the Best Mic for Rapping

There is that thrill you get when you have a perfect mic and you are belting out rap lyrics after rap lyric, making the crowd dance to your tune as well. A perfect setting and an audience goes with the perfect sound production, and you know what the perfect sound means – a flawless mic. The perfect mic makes sure your audience gets every word you spin out, every rhyme you put together. You become the king of the stage, you get to own the audience, grab their attention and make them sing along. This only happens when you have the perfect mic for rapping. Let us look at the steps of getting the perfect mic.

Research, Research and Research More

One of the ways to get the perfect mix is to go with what has worked before. You need to undertake some research and know what other successful rappers are using to produce such sound. Start from the lowest level by heading to the local studio within your locality. Ask them what mics they are using them and how they rate them. If they are friendly enough, they can let you test it out and test the feel and delivery of the mic.

You can as well check out the microphone reviews on reputable online platforms. Check on the google search or your favorite search engine to find out the most popular mic at a given budget. For instance, search for “best rapping mic under $200” and check out the results. From these results, you will notice a few mics that stand out – these are the ones you need to focus on.

Another popular search engine for mics is YouTube. YouTube gives you the ability to see the mic in action since most of the descriptions are in vide form. Most posts are also in terms of descriptions, with the person posting the video talking about the mic with descriptions and demonstrations. If you want detailed information, check out a site such as Microphone Geeks. Proceed to their website and see what might work for you.

Consider Your Budget

The mic you wish to get will be dedicated a lot by the budget you set. The more you have, the wider the selection. The cost of a mic is determined by the features, though the features will depend on the sound quality you are looking for.

Truth be told, don’t compromise the quality of sound just to save on a few dollars. Remember, the better the quality of the mic, the better the output of the mic.

If you can’t afford to buy the best mic now, then it is a good idea to save up and buy later. Better lose some time and get the best output than rush and get the worst recording.

The Acoustics

This is probably one of the most important factors that you need to consider when choosing the best rapping mic. You might have the most expensive mic but fail to deliver the best sound just because you have poor acoustics.

The acoustics are directly related to the room or studio. If the room has poor acoustics, you might need to perform some acoustic modifications first, or choose a mic that doesn’t have a high feedback rate. In such an instance, you need to get a condenser mic instead of a dynamic one.

To find out if the acoustics are ideal for the performance, you need to try the mic in the studio. Most likely you have converted the garage into a recording studio and the walls are lined with furniture that was in storage.  Cluttered recording studio might not give you the best output you desire. Well, if you have the space and some money, getting an isolation booth might be the best bet for you.

Consider the Accessories

Having a perfect mic isn’t often not enough; you might need some accessories to make things easier for you. Let us look at some of the accessories you might consider.

Audio Interface

Using an audio interface allows you to monitor the vocals you produce without any delays. Look for an interface with a great build quality and if possible, one that comes with several preamps in it.

Vocal Booth

Discussed previously, this booth helps you get the best acoustics out of your performance. If you are running on a tight budget or if you can’t perform acoustic treatment, then you can benefit greatly by using a vocal booth. Though not the perfect solution, the booth helps you control the sound you produce and minimize reflections. You can choose from various models depending on your needs and your budget.

Studio Headphones

These aren’t so vital to your recording; the only benefit they bring to the session is making sure no audio seeps through to your microphone.

Instead of collecting each piece of the gear one by one, you can save more time by getting a vocal package. This saves you a lot of effort and time, though it might not be the perfect way to do things. Make sure you understand whether to go for a starter pack or whether you need an advanced pack. This decision depends on whether you are a beginner or you have several albums under your belt. Other accessories include a pop filter, mic stand and shock mount.

Your Voice

When you open your mouth to belt out a few lyrics, what does the audience hear? Is your voice naturally high or low? Do you have to push it to the maximum to be heard or do you have to tone it down? What is the delivery like? Make sure you consider these before making the final choice.

Your Lifestyle

If you are an artiste who is always on the move, then you need a mic that can allow you to connect on the fly and record while on the move. The best option is to get a USB mic so that you don’t have to lug around a host of cables and gear. The USB mic takes power from the computer meaning you don’t have to have a separate power source.

Condenser vs. Dynamic

If you are more of a performer, then a dynamic mic is all you need because of the larger pickup pattern. Condenser mics are ideal for recording because they hold power when you hook them up to an audio interface.

The Bottomline

That said, if I was to tell you what mic to go for, I would tell you to get what suits your style and preferences. Make sure to research on the common mics and then narrow down to a few that suit your style of recording. Make sure you consider the acoustics and understand some of the accessories that you might need to accentuate the setup. Well, I repeat, even with the perfect setup and an amazing audience, you need the perfect mic to deliver a flawless performance.