Expert Tips to Get More Twitter Followers

If you are trying to get more Twitter followers for your account, you need to take a few measures to this end. Remember that Twitter followers make it possible for you to gain more leverage on your account.

Use a Relevant Profile Photo

The first step towards getting more Twitter followers is to make sure you upload a high resolution image as the profile photo and a relevant cover photo to match. Doing this convinces your audience that you aren’t just another spammer looking for a quick following. Many followers will avoid your account if they suspect that you are a spammer.

Have a Unique Bio

The bio is like your face, it tells your users all that is needed to know about you. When people decide whether to follow you or not, they will scan the bio and see if what you will be sharing will be relevant to them or not. If it is relevant, they will go ahead and follow you, and if they deem that it is not appropriate, they won’t follow you at all.

Optimizing your bio helps you get more Twitter followers because people are always on the lookout for new followers.

Tweet Consistently

Tweeting consistently shouldn’t be confused with Tweeting excessively. The most important tip is to engage your followers to an extent that they don’t see you as a spammer. Tweeting excessively tells the audience that you are out to get noticed much faster, and they will unfollow you.

What you need to do in such a case is to try and come up with a Tweeting schedule. Use the schedule to send out relevant tweets to your audience so that you can end up with more followers than ever before.

Sharing content every minute, however useful it is clogs up your followers’ newsfeeds which is the perfect ticket to unfollow you.

If you need to reply to various people at once, it is advisable that you reference their username as the first thing in the reply. Doing this ensures that all the followers don’t end up getting spammed with the responses.

Use Different Content When Tweeting

Don’t tweet just for the sake of it. Instead, you need to attach a genuine question or an opinion on the tweet. Doing this makes the tweet go viral, which leads to a higher exposure and more Twitter followers.

If you go and tweet a bland statement or a title, then your followers see that you don’t care and the followers won’t care either.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are those words that have a “#” before them. These usually represent a topic that the tweet is all about. For instance, if you are tweeting about fashion, you can use a phrase that represents the fashion niche. By using hashtags in the tweets, you expose the brand to millions of people that are actively searching about the topic in the first place.

If they find the tag in your tweet, they will definitely follow you.

Don’t abuse the use of hashtags, because you will be deemed as spam and your audience will unfollow you.

Automate Your Engagements

You need to take time and come up with the right automation tool to automate your engagement. Automation, as described on Medium, uses a bot that offers Twitter auto followers to grow your following.

The Bottom-line

It takes more than just tweeting continuously to get the number of followers who can change your marketing horizon. What you need to do in this case is to make sure you follow a few expert tips to get the best results from your tweets.