Do I Need a Hairdryer and Attachments?

If you have a hairdryer, you may wonder if you actually need any attachments go with it. Isn’t the hot air from the hairdryer sufficient to blow dry your hair?If you are new to blow drying your hair, you might think that all you need is the hairdryer. However, the attachments can have a huge impact on whether your hairstyle is great or not.

The hairdryer just gets the hair dry. With attachments, you can style curls, waves or even straighten your hair. If you are looking to buy a new hairdryer, and you wonder what the attachments do, then find a specialist site and discover what each attachment is for. A great site is Oomphed where you can find reviews of the best hairdryers and attachments to buy. So, what do each of the different attachments do?

Concentrator Nozzle

The concentrator novel focuses the air flow coming out of your hairdryer to enable more targeted drying. Rather than drying a large area of your hair, you can dry specific sections using this nozzle. It’s especially great if you want to dry a specific section of your hair, for example, your fringe or just your roots.

The concentrator nozzle is the accessory that you’ll probably use the most on your hairdryer. You can have concentration novels that are different sizes. A wide nozzle is great for those of us with long thick hair. The narrow nozzle allows you to work more precisely on your hair. This is because it localises the heat. It is great for short or medium hair and also for people with fine hair. When you’re using the nozzle, it is great if you use it in conjunction with the cold air button. Used at the end of your styling it will help to fix your style. The concentrator nozzles are normally available as a round nozzle or a flat nozzle. The flat nozzles come in wide or narrow. This means you can buy the specific nozzle that you need for your type and style of hair.

Hair Diffuser

The hair diffuser is also a very popular accessory for your hairdryer.  it is used when blow drying curly hair. As the name suggests, it diffuses the heat so your hair is surrounded by warm air rather than getting a direct blast of hot air. Use it with a styling mousse for a great and natural hairstyle. Your diffuser should give you a curly but non-frizzy hairstyle. It is great for people with natural curly, but unruly, hair. This is due to the fact that it will actually define your natural curls.

Comb attachment

More and more hairdryers have comb attachments included. This attachment is mainly used to keep straight hair straight. It can also help people with curly hair to straighten their hair a little. It is not however a replacement for hair straighteners. You can find a comb attachment that is either a fine tooth or wide tooth comb. They are great for detangling your hair while you blow dry it.

Brush attachments

This attachment can also help you straighten your hair. You can also add volume to the roots using the brush attachment. It is better for people with straight hair than those with curly hair.

Buying your own attachments

There are many universal hairdryer attachments that you can buy to fit onto any hairdryer. These then give you additional functionality that your hairdryer possibly doesn’t already have. There are some great diffusers available for example there is one model that looks like a hand, so it helps define the curls. You can also buy a nozzle that will add particles of oil into your hair while you’re drying it. A great travel option is a collapsible diffuser so no longer will you leave your diffuser at home as you don’t have the space to pack it.

Hanging loop

Although not technically an attachment, when you’re buying a new hairdryer consider the hanging loop as a useful accessory. This means that rather than trying to find a surface to lay It down on when your arm is aching, you can hang it up on a strategically placed hook. This is a great addition to any hairdryer.