Cheap Guitars. Affordable Instruments that Work. Bum Strummers.

Alright, so I just made “bum strummers” up off the top of my head. Honestly, I’m pretty proud of myself. I hope it’s not a slang term for something nasty, though I’m becoming increasingly certain that it is… If I were Paris Hilton, I might try to trademark the phrase. Then again, if I were Paris Hilton, there are a lot of things that I might do. Some of them don’t bear repeating, here, so let’s get back to the subject at hand: cheap electric guitars. “Cheap,” in this context, meaning “of good value for the money spent,” in other words – not a bad thing.

Cheap electric guitars (I might try to trademark “bum strummers” after all) is where our attention is at. For what that’s worth, since a lot of other people also seem to have their attention focused in the same area. And not just their attention… their blogs, their fan sites, their affiliate review sites, their how-to articles… the Web is frankly flooded with advertisements for cheap electric guitars, discussions about affordable electric guitars, and sales pitches offering questionable, used electric guitars for “next to nothing” (it never turns out that way, but people still spring for them; hope springs eternal).

We paid a visit to some of the most popular bum strummer blogs on the ‘net. While we were there, we roughed up a few people. We got in our licks. We looked at their reviews, actually… that’s what we did… all that we did. We looked, and we took three affordably priced electric guitars which multiple prominent reviewers agreed upon as being good bargains. If they agreed for the same, consistent reasons, across the board? We added them here, until we had three. We figured that a small number would be helpful – so long as one of them was a good fit for what you’re after. Read on, and see for yourself; in the meantime, please feel free to get in touch, and to let us know what you think about our options!

Epiphone Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Inspired by the 1964 Texan acoustic, this Epiphone acoustic-electric hybrid remains true to both the appearance and the potential of its forebear, while adding in ample potential rooted in its electric aspect. Many reviewers have sung its praises, no pun intended, as being more than worth its cost, and as being “exceptional” and “outstanding” in its value. Musicians regard it as having an excellent feel to it – a certain undefinable quality, only partly rooted in the sound it produces. Speaking of which, that sound is deep and melodic, thanks in part to a solid spruce top and a solid mahogany body and sides. The solid wood construction adds a great deal to the overall resonance of the instrument; there are those who say that the guitar “seems to come to life” whenever they pick it up and strum it.

Yamaha EG 112C2

You’re going to come across a lot of references to this guitar online. We certainly did, and here’s why: the model stands out in so many different ways. To start with, it’s a Yamaha, which comes with a certain measure of branded prestige – not undeserved, either; a Yamaha guitar comes with a certain sense of well-earned respect. This is also one of the most affordable electric guitars around; it can usually be found for well under one hundred dollars, but for all that, this six-stringer offers a spectacular range of sound. There are those who have said that they can barely tell the difference between this model, and some of those which cost hundreds of dollars more. Finally, in terms of guitars for beginners, this is a great choice for so many reasons. It is melodic, it is forgiving, and it’s inexpensive – if you decide that the pastime isn’t for you, or that it isn’t the right guitar for you after all, you aren’t out a small fortune.

Carlo Robelli Double Cut Electric Guitar

Cheap certainly applies here, as this guitar is often available for less than one hundred dollars, in good to fair condition, from outlets offering used instruments at affordable prices. Its rounded construction and bright red finish on the body make it appear almost like a literal cherry, but don’t let that fool you: whatever its serviceable condition, this model of Carlo Robelli electric guitar produces a rich, sharp sound with a lingering sort of haunting resonance. It is extremely popular in certain southern musical styles such as blues, jazz, and even some reggae groups. It hasn’t been fingered as being particularly good for beginners – or bad, for that matter – but it’s definitely an option if you’re looking for a viable and powerful instrument on which you won’t have to spend a fortune.