Big Homes for Big Birds – Real Estate for Large Parrots

It can be hard to find a reliable purveyor of large parrot cages for sale. Many people resort to buying cages secondhand, arguing for the increased benefit of the previous owner’s experience. Of course, that’s dependent upon their being responsible owners in the first place – but there are people who swear by this method. Others prefer to buy new cages from reputable dealers, including such purveyors as Prevue and Kings – both of which come highly veterinarian-recommended.

Whichever way you decide to go, however… how do you know which cage will be the best fit for your parrot?

The simple answer is that “you don’t,” until you try it… but you can always maximize your chances by stacking the deck in your favor. That’s why we’ve decided to lend a hand! As parrot enthusiasts, which is a nice way of saying “we all have beak scars in places we won’t show you; please don’t ask,” we care about the welfare of pet parrots everywhere. We’ve put together a list of four of the best large parrot cages we could find, thereby saving you the trouble of the hours of research that we put into the matter.

Give the following four items a look, and see what you think. Remember, these are meant to be optimized for larger birds! Naturally, we welcome your feedback via our contact details, as well as your experiences with the products mentioned on our list!

ELTPC 4226 Economy Play Pen Combo Cage (Kings)

From a parrot’s perspective, this has got to be the honeymoon suite. It certainly combines the best of both worlds, allowing your feathered friends ample room to play and explore – both inside and out. The two sides of the cage are uneven, allowing for additional variety of location – on one side the cage ends in a half-cylinder style ceiling, while adjacent to that protruding section there is an exterior play area. Large doors, along with smaller feeder doors, can be opened to allow your birds to move in and out as they so desire. There are separate debris-capturing trays for the main part of the cage, and for the exterior feeder area. There are two interior perches, and several feeding dishes, plus nipples for water. The tall side of this cage is fifty-eight inches high on the inside, with a total exterior height of five-foot-ten. It’s ideal for holding two large birds happily, with separate dishes for feeding and plenty of room to move around.

SLCC 3216 Economy Line Corner Cage (Kings)

This large cage is meant to house a single large bird, or possibly two medium size birds. It coasts on five sturdy wheels, and is meant to fit into the corner of a room. It features a total height of sixty-six inches, although the interior space available to your parrot is a little more than half that amount. The cage is easily cleaned, and features large doors to allow your bird entrance and egress at your preference, plus feeder doors to allow for feeding without a large bird being able to escape. The cage includes a single large perch, comfortably sized for a large bird, and a bird-proof lock to keep your feathered companion from escaping in the middle of the night… y’know, while you’re passed out from inhaling the gas in cannisters of whipped cream (c’mon… that can’t just be us, right?) This is an attractive and stylish cage all around, one which should complement many different areas of the typical home.

Pagoda Cockatiel Bird Cage (Prevue)

This stylish cage features a wrought iron construction with a uniquely stylish top, which is admittedly more likely to be appreciated by yourself and by your friends than by your parrot. He’ll likely just chew on it, but hey… he’ll look cute while he’s doing it, right? That’s what matters. The cage features a bottom grill and, beneath that, a plastic debris tray, both of which pull smoothly out to allow for easy access for cleaning. Also unique: this particular cage’s side-panel assembly allows for you to place cup door panels on either the top of the bottom of either side of the cage. This was deliberately intended to make feeding convenient for you, depending upon what’s more convenient. Your birds will have a large interior living space of almost five feet with this cage, which is designed for one or two medium to large birds. Such as, y’know… Cockatiels, for instance.

Select Bird Cage (Prevue)

If you want to show off your feathered friend in style, this is definitely one of the best best large parrot cages for sale today. Among its more striking features is its exterior “play space” up top, which features twin “ladder” mounts and an additional perch with food trays. Both the top and the bottom of the cage have separate debris trays as a result; these can be easily withdrawn for quick cleaning, along with the cage’s bottom grill. The cage’s jewel-toned wrought iron construction makes it stand out as a visual point of attraction in your home; it’s a stately manor in which to keep one or two large birds. For smaller birds, it might be slightly excessive, as there isn’t a lot of interior perch space… but then, one can always buy accessories!