A Guide To Selecting The Right Flat Iron For Your Hair

Grooming is very important to each and every individual. This is because it not only helps you to look great from the outside but it also makes you feel good about yourself and this greatly improves your self esteem. Hair is definitely one of the most important part of this and that is why you want to keep it looking as beautiful as possible. One of the tools that will give your hair that natural, great look is a hair straitening iron, often referred to as flat irons. A flat iron is intended to flatten (press) the textured hair follicles giving your hair that straight, stylish ,look. Different people have different types of hairs and it is important that you understand your hair type so you can choose the flat iron that is best for your hair. Below is a brief guide on the same.

Understand your hair type

The first thing that you need to understand before you choose a flat iron is to understand your hair type. This is because, there are different types of flat irons and each of them is suited for different types of hair. Note that, flat irons are fueled by heat which can be very damaging to your hair if you fail to select the correct one. For;

  • Normal, medium wavy hair: Normal hair has medium thickness but they are not too oily. The good thing about this type of hair is that, they can easily become straight or wavy without intense treatment. The recommended temperature setting of plates for these types of hair is between 360F to 380F.
  • Fine hair: For those with thin & fine hair, the recommended temperature for the plates is between 260F to 290F. However, any flat iron (except those with fixed temperatures) is good for this hair type and you can adjust the temperature of the plates to be as low as possible or at least until you find the most suitable temperature for your hair. If you have fragile hair, it is recommended that you go for a flat iron whose temperature is below 250F.
  • Coarse, thick curly hair: If you have coarse, thick & curly hair you should go for a flat iron with temperatures ranging from 380F to 410F. These temperatures are ideal for your hair and it enables you to perfectly straighten your hair within a very short time.


There are so many hair style options today and that is why flat irons are now being designed not only for straightening the hair but also for other various uses. Before you select a flat iron, ask yourself the question ‘what am I going to be using it for?’ If you like curling your hair, it is good to go for a flat iron that has the ability to not only straighten but also curl your hair. Not that, thinner flat irons give thinner, tighter curls but those with thicker plates can create bigger curls.

Which type is best?

There are several types of hair straitening irons and the different types are defined by their technology. Most of the flat irons in the market today are the titanium flat irons and the ceramic flat irons.

  • Titanium flat irons: Flat irons with titanium plates have very smooth surfaces and they project a constant heat enabling you to straighten your hair within a very short time. Generally, they come in smaller width and tend to be more costly than the other types. They work best on coarse, thick, curly hair and this is because of the high heats & smooth plate surfaces. They also have the ability to withstand ultra heat and at the same time resist corrosion making it a long-lasting hair care investment.
  • Ceramic flat irons: These are not as expensive as the titanium ones and that is why they are more popular. However, they work well for specific hair types (mostly the straight, medium, wavy & fine hair). Generally, they are made of ceramic wide plates that emit less heat giving your hair that a smooth look with an improved shine.

As mentioned above, the most important thing when selecting a hair straightening iron is your hair type. If you are buying the product online, read through the description of each product carefully so that you know all the specific details.