5 Ways to Increase Web Traffic Using Instagram

Instagram is massive and growing bigger. It has groups, pages, fan pages and you can create your page to engage with an audience. Today we look at the various techniques that can increase the amount of traffic to your Instagram account.

    1. Automate Your Process

Automates Instagram engagement is possible through the use of third-party tools called bots. These bots work on almost all the manual tasks that you usually undertake, and make them much easier for you.

Using the bots allows you to maintain consistency and also gives you the chance to build a larger following. You can automate many tasks on this platform, such as following and unfollowing, liking of posts and more. However, don’t automate your comments, it’s lame. Instead, you need to comment by yourself, so that you add a humane touch to your otherwise virtual space.

    1. Ask, and It Shall Be Given!

Make sure you incorporate calls to action on all the posts. Whenever you share content, make sure you have an objective in mind and incorporate this objective in the call to action.

If you have the right content and you can be trusted, your audience will do what you ask them to do. If you wish to create a list, then ask the audience to sign up to your subscription list, and redirect them to the form using a link.

Tell your audience what you want them to do, and they will do it. If you need them to repost the content, tell them so. Doing this makes sure you enjoy a great deal of traffic from shares, likes, reposts, and more.

    1. Have a Complete Profile

This can seem like a common sense act, but many people fail to complete their profiles. Remember that you have hundreds of other brands doing the same thing as you do, and they are targeting the same kinds of audience like you.

The first impression that a user gets when they come to your page is your profile. If the profile is shoddy, then you are looking at a poor first impression.

Given a chance, the way Instagram does, you need to tell your audience more about you. Tell them about your area of expertise and what exactly it is you are offering them. You can add a sentence about why you are the best in the business.

Don’t forget to provide a direct link back to your blog or website. Take your brand seriously, and you will notice unprecedented growth.

    1. Host a Contest

If you seek to attract more followers to your account, you need to hold a contest or a giveaway. Just like in the physical world, people are on the lookout for free things in the virtual world.

This is one of the single most top traffic driving strategies that can result in more users coming to your site or page. Polls can also work in the same way but not as well as contests.

Before you hold a contest, you need to have an objective behind it. If you seek more followers, then incorporate this into your approach so that you attract the right kind of people to the post. If you need more likes, then come up with a contest that requires users to like the post to win the gift.

    1. Be Creative

Before you can enjoy the benefits of your content, try and stay creative. Take time to come up with useful and relevant content that your users will love and share.

Final Words

It is a joy to market your products or services to a multitude of people online. Instagram allows you this luxury and helps you get what you are looking for regarding web traffic and engagement.